Claire Rouault

Claire Rouault

In less than one year, French pianist Claire Rouault gained an exceptional renown in New Zealand. Claire was chosen amongst the “favorite places and people in NZ” for 2014 by the “North&South” magazine.

Equally at ease in such different repertoires as Schumann or Messiaen, the Piano has always been an essential part of Claire’s life and music her main language. Claire performed her first solo concert with an orchestra when she was 11 years old and showed a very early interest for chamber music and accompaniment. At the amazingly young age of 13 she obtained both her Solo Piano and Chamber Music Certificates with honours at National Music Conservatoire of Rennes. She gave many chamber music concerts in these early years.

Her passion and already recognized talent brought her to Paris to study with Professor Jacques Rouvier (a Maurice Ravel musical heir), Georges Pludermacher, Claire Désert and Russian pianist Igor Lazko. She won two major competitions, the Claude Kahn competition (2001) and the Anton Rubinstein Competition (2003), and was selected to study in the famous National Superior Music Conservatory of Paris (CNSM), France’s top music school, at the age of 15. Intense piano studies followed, as well as studying musicology, harmonization and writing with renowned masters. Master classes all over Europe also enriched these years.

Claire brilliantly achieved her Parisian Studies in 2008 at National Superior Music Conservatory of Paris, with three major prizes: a Piano First Prize with honours, a “Diplôme de Formation Supérieure” with honours, including Chamber Music and Accompaniment, and the “Olivier Messiaen” Special Prize. Whilst carrying on her studies with Igor Lazko at the Schola Cantorum of Paris, Claire also started teaching piano and accompanying singers and violinists in this famous Parisian School, working notably with singer Anna-Maria Bondi and violinist Patrice Fontanarosa.

Claire travelled all over the world, including New Zealand in 2009 and 2010. After visiting many different cultures and places, she and her partner eventually chose to settle in New Zealand, where they are now Residents. Together, they created “Piano on Tour”, which endeavours to make high quality music concerts more accessible in New Zealand, touring in low decile schools, hospitals, and basically wherever music can be of help.